June 23, 2012 Ponquogue Bridge afternoon dive! Awesome weekend at the bridge. I recommend sunblock though. lol The water was about 65 and the visibility was about 12 feet. Great time!!! 

 June 16, 2012 Neutral Buoyancy Club Dive at Ponquogue Bridge! We had a great time. Nice evening in the water. About 8 feet of visibility, but plenty of fish. The water temperature is about 64 degrees. I hope to see more of you next time!!! Come even if you want to just check it out and BBQ with us.

From Left to Right: Pierre, Steve, Phil, Me, Barry, Paul, Kevin and in Front Joe!!! 

Steve caught a lobster!!! Great job Steve!!! 

We dive because it's what we do. It is a part of us. The water sings her sirens song and we are drawn to her. She cradles us in her arms and takes us through the unknown returning us safely to her shores. I hope that one day you will be able to experience her wonders. Safe Diving! Lisa 

Me and Pierre. See I do get in the water. lol 

Paul and Barry. Great picture!!! 

6-9-12 on the SeaHawk Dive Boat. It was another great day out at Sea. The water had 3-5 foot swells but it was still a great day. It was nice to meet new people as well as spend time with some old friends. I am only teasing about Gus losing his way. He was nice enough to stop by and spend some time with us which is always a great treat. Thank you Gus!!! 

Captain Frank, Me and Pierre. These two just warm my heart!

Wayne, Laura, Karl and Tom after a great dive. Great people too!!! 

Wait who's driving the boat??? Just kidding we're anchored. lol 

Pierre and Karl relaxing after the dive! Even fun back at the dock.  

Ned at his other helm! Ned is a master BBQ man. Hand him a burger or a steak and its a heavenly experience.  

"Well you go out of the parking lot and make a right. Go down a block and you will find the Lockness." 

See Gus, I told you Captain Frank would help you find your way! All is good again!!! 

Wayne holding up his haul! Great job!!! Lucky man!!! 

Hi Karl!!! 

Lou I thought you were the lobster man??? 

 No caves here Bill! lol So glad you came out diving!!!

Me and Gus. Its ok Gus I know you wandered to the wrong boat again. I'll help you find your way.  Lets ask Captain Frank..

Thank you for the dive!!! I must rest now. Safe Diving and as I say back in France au revior! Bisous!!! 

Below are pictures and a video of a dive we made for my birthday weekend!!! We dove on the Seahawk 5-26-12. It took a little bit but I finally got it posted here and on facebook. We dove the Lizzie D its a 80 foot wreck about 9 miles out. What a great dive!!! I'm glad I can finally share!!! 

Look at the Frenchman's smile!!! Love it!!! 

Dont interupt an artist at work! Ned did a great job cooking too! 

Pierre and Me!!! What a great man and a great friend!!! 

Hi Rob!!! 

 Self portrait of me and Ned


I think this might have been the point Gus realized he was on the wrong boat. hahaha Just kidding! He was nice enough to come out for my birthday. Thanks Gus!!! 

Me and Jaret!! This was Jaret's first wreck dive. He was awesome!!! Another natural to the sport!!! Great job Jaret!!! 

Ned and Kevin!!! Love to see you smile Kevin! 

My favorite picture of Frank Persico the Captain of the Seahawk 

Steve and Jaime! Jaime you look beautiful!! 

I love this picture Kevin! It just shows it was a great day! 

 The dive season is starting up!!!! Hooray!!! Here are some pictures from the Ponquogue Bridge Saturday and Sunday April 14th and 15th.

 Sunday February 19, 2012 Bottle Dive on the Seahawk. We had another great day out on the Seahawk. Brought in tons of bottles. Here are some pictures.

Monday February 6th 2012 was our Neutral Buoyancy meeting. Our topic was historical diving equipment. Bob Rusnak and Jerry Takasc were kind enough to speak to Neutral Buoyancy about the Mark V U.S. Navy Gear. This gear shown in the pictures below dates back nearly 70 years. The helmet was made in Brooklyn in 1943 and weighs about 65lbs by itself. The total suit that I am dressed in weighs about 200lbs. Each shoe is 15lbs a piece.  Its always amazing to take part in historical diving. I was thrilled to be able to test out the suit and impressed with myself for being able to walk in it. lol Thank you Bob and Jerry for giving us a look into history.

This Mark V was built in 1943 in Brooklyn. It weighs about 65lbs. 

Jerry Takasc asking "RED DIVER are you ready?" 

I may be walking around in a 200lbs dive suit but nothing says that this DiveMaster doesn't accessorize well with her Coach bag! lol 

Each shoe weighs 15lbs. 


12 Steps Cookie!!!  

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