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Recreational SCUBA diving is one of the world's fastest growing sports. Three quarters of our planet is covered by water, of which only 3% of that water has been explored. With an open water SCUBA certification, you can join in the excitement and adventure of the underwater world.


Learning to dive is fun and safe, and you can be in the open water with a few weeks of specialized training. Before taking a course in scuba diving, you should be a comfortable swimmer, as well as in good physical health. At NorthShore Aquatics our instructors and divemasters use the most up to date materials, and work with the latest skills in diving. We offer a full service dive facility that provides equipment, training, repairs, rentals, air fills, travel and most of all fun!!!!


The instruction is administered in three integrated parts: lecture, pool skills, and open water dives. Lectures are given by a diving instructor in a classroom setting. The pool is where you will learn to use the equipment necessary for diving. The open water dives are where you put the skills learned in the classroom and pool to actual use.


The cost of an open water certification is $350. This includes books, dive tables, pool, classroom instruction,C-card and open water rentals (tanks, BC, regulator, and wetsuit). Students are required to have their own mask, fins and snorkels. If you are looking for just classroom and pool only because you would like to do your open waters on vacation the certification cost is only $250.


We offer both SSI and PADI certifications. Please call or stop by for more details on the requirements for SSI or PADI.


We offer both SSI and PADI advanced open water courses. The SSI advanced open water course consists of four specialties that are chosen by the students and the instructor. The PADI advanced open water consists of five dives: DEEP, NIGHT, NAVIGATION and two that are chosen by the students and the instructor. The cost of the SSI advanced course is $450 which includes the four specialties. The cost of the PADI Advanced Open Water course is $175. 


We offer both SSI and PADI scuba skills update courses. They both consist of one class and at least one pool session. The cost for either course is $35. 

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