Hi Everyone!!!

We had a productive meeting the other night. Below are the minutes for your review. All the items came under vote at the October 10, 2012 meeting. I appreciate everyone's suggestions and help.
Meeting Minutes:
  1. We will be creating an official club roster. This roster will include name, address, phone, email as well as a check box if members are willing to share this information with other club members to setup dives. It will act as a phone tree for the club.
  2. We have decided to enact club dues effective January 1, 2013. The dues will be $25.00 per year. This is $2.08 per month. These dues will cover all club activities such as parties, bbq's at dives etc. Please contact me on how you would like to pay your dues at 631-258-6172. You can also mail them to Northshore Aquatics at 81 Fort Salonga Road, Northport, NY 11731.
  3. We will be issuing a registration form in order to officially join the club and be a part of the mailings etc.
  4. We have created committees!!! If anyone is interested in joining any of them please contact me and I will be happy to add you on. There can never be too many people on any of the committees to share in the club. Below are the committees and the volunteers so far:
  • Beach/Wreck Committee: This committee is a combination of both beach and wreck dives. Anyone is welcome to join and choose which dives they would prefer to represent the club on.
  • Volunteers: Steve Burton, Pierre LeCoq, Mike Meyers, Mike Butcher and Me!!
  • Travel Committee: Jillian Dragustky and Mike Meyers
  • Social Committee: Me!!!
  • Club Liaison: Me!!!
  • LIDA Rep: Still Me!!
5. Kevin Maritato is now our club treasurer. He and I will be handling all dues transactions as well as any expense payables the dues are used for.
6. We will be publishing a monthly newsletter along with all of my wonderful emails I'm sure you all love (sarcasm lol).
7. We will be creating t-shirts and hats with our club logo. (Trademark Pending)
8. I will ask Northshore Aquatics to have a blackboard in the shop listing all upcoming dives for the convenience of all.
I know this is a lot to digest but it is all necessary to make Neutral Buoyancy more "neutrally buoyant" as well as to distribute some of the responsibilities to the actual club members so that we can ALL have fun. Remember our club motto is "For the Divers, By the Divers". If you have any suggestions or would like to join any committees please let me know!!!!
The LIDA Film Festival has been rescheduled to January 11, 2013.
Now for our October 27th Halloween Festivities!!!!
Our first annual Pumpkin Carving will take place in Kings Park at the Nissequogue River. We should meet between 9 and 9:30am to dress and walk down to the water. High Tide is at 10:15am. The depth is a max of 15 feet. The rules are as follows:
  • Bring your pumpkin!!!
  • You have a choice of cutting and hollowing out your pumpkin but you may not pre-carve it. If you decide to leave the innards in it the fish love it (so do the birds).
  • No drawing on the pumpkin. All designs must come from you in the water.
  • You have 20 to 25 minutes to complete your carving.
  • You may only use your dive knife. If you have multiple dive knives on you, you may use them as well.
This should be great fun and a great prelude to our party that night!!!
Our 2nd annual Halloween party is being held in conjunction with the Whale Tale Bar/Restaurant. It begins at 7pm. There will be free food and a cash bar. It is not mandatory to come in costume but I hope you do!!! There will be a Halloween Costume contest which should be a lot of fun!!!
Safe Diving!!!!